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China - Hajia Railway Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 7) : Environmental management plan : appendix (英语)

The development objective of the Hajia Railway Project for China is to reduce the transport time for passenger services and provide additional capacity for passenger and freight services between Harbin and Jiamusi. Negative impacts include: acoustic environment, ecological environment, environment vibration, water environment, atmosphere environment, solid wastes, and social economic environment. Mitigation measures include: 1) air compressors and water pumps within the boiler room are installed inside an isolated equipment room, and are provided with dumping and flexible joints to restrict noise transmission; 2) reasonable utilization of existing traffic corridors, minimized land take and relocation; 3) at vibration sensitive points, use low-vibration construction machines; 4) make full use of existing sewage treatment and pipe network, living sewage shall be discharged after appropriate treatment; 5) enhanced control of passenger train rubbishes to ensure only discharge at stations, station rubbishes shall be transported to designated places for central disposal. Boiler slag shall be used as a building material; and 6) expropriated land shall be compensated according to the state policies. Traffic control in the construction areas shall be enhanced.