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India - Karnataka Health System Development and Reform Project : restructuring (Vol. 2) : Data sheet (英语)

The objective of the Karnataka Health System Development and Reform Project for India is to increase utilization of essential health services (public health, preventive, and curative), particularly in underserved areas and among vulnerable groups. The closing date for the project will be extended from March 31, 2012 until September 30, 2012. The project combines capital investment activities with support for policy reforms and innovative health financing and service delivery mechanisms. Project performance is satisfactory and objectives continue to be achievable. The project contributes to state-wide health sector reform and development, and project development objective (PDO) indicators are key indicators of utilization of public health services. These have shown significant progress since project effectiveness: the proportion of births delivered in a health facility has risen from 65 percent in 2005-06 to 86 percent in 2009 (end-project target is 90 percent); the proportion of children fully immunized has increased from 55 percent in 2005-06 to 78 percent in 2009 (target is 80 percent); and the number of claims paid by health insurance pilot program benefiting poor households exceeds 6,000 (target is 7,500). The extension is necessary to allow time for appraisal of a government request for additional financing and extension of three years. The project activities will continue during this period. This will be the first extension of the project.