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Kenya - Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project : Environmental Assessment (Vol. 25) : Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report for storm water drainage in Nairobi Metropolitan Region (英语)

The objective of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project for Kenya is to strengthen governance and service delivery in the Nairobi Metropolitan area. Negative impacts include: air quality, dust, noise pollution, water quality, dust, soil erosion, flora and fauna, and waste management. Mitigation measures include: develop soil erosion control measures which should include silt management structures; proper drainage system to be constructed within town; limit the circulation of heavy machinery to minimal areas to reduce soil compaction and vegetation clearance; locate access roads perpendicularly or diagonally to the slope rather than along steep slopes; obtain water abstraction permit and use metering methods to ensure water is abstracted to recommended limit; do not dispose any form of waste in water bodies; keep natural water channels free from obstruction; consult with community members when identifying water sources to avoid conflicts and abstract water according to conditions of acquired permits taking into consideration the quantified reserve for the water body in question; all trees uprooted to pave way for road expansion and access construction should be replanted with indigenous trees; operate equipment with air pollution control and environmental management systems; insulate noisy machines when working near residential area; maintain vehicles and machinery in good condition in order to minimize gas emissions and noise; contractor in collaboration with proponent should develop Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSRP); and contractor should hold continuous site meetings with workers and community members.