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Vietnam - Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project : environmental management plan (Vol. 4) : EIA report for the project of CT1 and CT6 settlement sites (英语)

This environmental assessment for the Hanoi Urban Transport and Development Project, which finances physical works as well as improves and upgrades relevant management systems, describes expected environmental impacts and proposes measures to mitigate them. It suggests setting an acoustic barrier and double-layering the sound-insulated windows and using asphalt as the surface material to control noise and vibrations; controlling traffic and vehicle emissions by reducing the number of vehicles and distancing buildings from the roads; treating industrial sewage using an oil-separating treatment and draining domestic sewage into the municipal sewage pipeline after being treated in cesspools; protecting the trees and the greenbelt area to maintain the aesthetics of the landscape; spraying water to reduce air-borne dust and other emissions; storing construction material and compacting where possible; banning of construction material at sites; washing trucks to clean off dirt before they travel off-site; and notifying cultural authorities of chance archeological finds upon discovery.


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    MVA Asia Limited

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    EIA report for the project of CT1 and CT6 settlement sites

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