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Disclosable Version of the ISR - CEMAC - Transport-Transit Facilitation - P079736 - Sequence No : 25 (英语)


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    Bonneau,Pierre Xavier

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    Disclosable Version of the ISR - CEMAC - Transport-Transit Facilitation - P079736 - Sequence No : 25

  • 关键词

    Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building; road work; access to world market; Environmental and Social Impact; road section; code of conduct; flow of information; risk mitigation plan; grievance redress mechanism; flow of fund; supply and installation; Gender-Based Violence; social and environmental; Investment Project Financing; goods in transit; electronic data exchange; ministries of transport; still under implementation; corrective action; number of workers; bus station; urban roads; contract management; clearance procedure; bilateral agreement; Single Window; counterpart funding; special arrangement; local ngo; field investigation; customs operation; social cohesion; field visits; rainy season; construction work; local population; surface area; terrorist attack; unemployed youth; base camp; night work; road infrastructure; electronic datum; government experts; customs reform; contract objectives; transport facilitation; facilitation activity; detailed planning; railway activity; railway line; railway accident; road safety; safety measure; positive impact; financial closure; financial auditor; fiscal situation; earth road; oil price; international network; emergency maintenance; audit operation; financial situation; oil revenue; weighing station; grace period; financial audits; regional dialogue; data transfer; operational staff; civil works; financial disbursement; customs information; support structure; paved road; staff qualification; drainage canal; social stability; multiple actor; external trade; closure plan; national authority; environmental specialist; environmental safeguard; restricted list; allocation issue; risk assessment; financial resource; social mission; sexual abuse; security situation; road axis; rural community; procurement process; import container; transit facilitation; traffic revenue; staff costs; customs bond; electronic transmission; dwell time; high vulnerability; risk category; operation risk; case management; safeguard specialist; compensation amount; management committee; hygiene measures; supervision mechanism; public authority; working condition; social safeguard; Sexual Assault; district authority; sexual harassment; disciplinary action; fatal accident; natural habitat; security measure; security provision; fiduciary risk; construction waste; management performance; social aspect; domestic waste; environmental compliance; building site; Waste Management; safeguard issue