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Disclosable Version of the ISR - Harmonizing and Improving Statistics in West Africa - P169265 - Sequence No : 03 (英语)


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    Western Africa,

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    Disclosable Version of the ISR - Harmonizing and Improving Statistics in West Africa - P169265 - Sequence No : 03

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    Environmental and Social Safeguard; Annual Work Plan and Budget; Household Income and Expenditure Survey; labor market information system; national institute of statistic; labor force survey; knowledge and learning; human resource policy; human resource policies; stakeholder engagement; standard operating procedure; input-output table; household survey data; human resource reform; Poverty and Equity; exchange of information; risk category; Investment Project Financing; participating country; administrative datum; national account; social statistics; population census; housing census; open access; agricultural production; quality improvement; disbursement condition; beneficiary country; international standard; statistical system; data quality; household poverty; population size; poverty index; labor statistic; inflation rate; first year; economic statistic; calendar year; annual meetings; enterprise survey; agricultural statistic; Agricultural Statistics; agricultural census; limited capacity; baseline data; informal sector; preparatory work; government structure; learning plan; knowledge system; result indicator; production volume; harmonization work; agricultural data; budget increase; social distance; precautionary measure; insurance contract; enumeration area; several weeks; legislative election; census data; assessment mission; safeguard issue; Population Density; project finance; funding gap; administrative sources; disbursement rate; national statistical; accounting software; electronic bill; informal production; diagnostic framework; functional reviews; operation risk; results framework; innovative method; new technology; census cartography; shocks policy; impact analysis; user surveys; online training; Social Protection; baseline survey; statistical survey; gender indicator; Natural Resources; performance rating; Macroeconomic Statistics; Technical Training; project operation; budget requirement; data compilation; regional body; assessment framework; Business Registry; big data; population statistic; gender statistic; recent mission; specific issue; value added; economic census; population data; financial specialist; agricultural survey; macroeconomic data; knowledge exchange