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Informal Water Markets in an Urbanising World : Some Unanswered Questions (英语)

The report investigates the theory, evidence and gaps regarding informal markets for water services. The analysis draws on data from over 100 studies of informal urban water markets, published in the past forty years with a primary focus on the findings from the past 10 years. It also documents two in-depth studies from Kathmandu and Yemen, which provide insight from two regions at the leading edge of urbanization and fragility challenges, respectively.


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    Garrick,Dustin, O’Donnell,E., Moore,Matthew Scott, Brozovic,N., Iseman, Thomas

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    世界区域, 其他,

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    Informal Water Markets in an Urbanising World : Some Unanswered Questions

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    water; informal markets; water-borne disease; informal water market; cost of water from vendors; water supply and sanitation service; private water service provider; value-added services; urban water supply system; water from tanker truck; low barriers to entry; alternative sources of supply; Fragility, Conflict, and Violence; cost of service delivery; international water management; high price for water; tragedy of the commons; source of drinking water; alternative sources of water; gaps in service provision; international institute for environment; improvements in service quality; large scale household survey; detailed examination; access to drinking water; small scale water provider; private sector in water; Urban Water and Sanitation; quality of water supply; cost of water supply; informal vendor; barrier to entry; water quality; supply chain; piped water supply; water system; formal system; water vendor