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Livable cities for the 21st century : the post habitat II agenda for the World Bank by James D. Wolfensohn (英语)

Habitat II, the second United Nations conference on human settlements, also known as the city summit, concluded its work on June 14, 1996, in Istanbul, Turkey. Habitat II indelibly marked the increasingly urban nature of the world and the urgency, extent, and increasing size of problems facing people in cities, especially the poor. The conference developed consensus around the need to achieve sustainable development in urban areas, with special emphasis on the provision of basic services and shelter for the poor. Mr. Wolfensohn highlights partnerships as one of the key thrusts of all the work at the World Bank. Looking to the future, the Bank identified three key priorities for action to make cities livable today: bringing basic services to the poor; a healthier urban environment; and finance for people in cities. He directs the Bank’s staff to focus on the commitments the Bank has made and to bring the best available and timely knowledge to bear in meeting country - specific needs.