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Revised Environmental and Social Impact Assessment St Maarten Civil Society Partnership Facility for Resilience Project (CSPFRP) (P172339) (英语)


  • 作者

    Borrowing Agency

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  • 文件类型

    环境评价,Environmental and Social Assessment,社会评估

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  • 国家

    St Maarten,

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  • 文件名称

    Revised Environmental and Social Impact Assessment St Maarten Civil Society Partnership Facility for Resilience Project (CSPFRP) (P172339)

  • 关键词

    health and safety risk; community health and safety; efficient use of energy; protection of cultural heritage; Faith-Based Organization; Risks and Mitigation Measures; human immunodeficiency virus infection; Environmental and Social Safeguard; Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; gender based violence; small and medium size enterprise; Environmental and Social Impact; short period of time; HIV and AIDS; negative social impacts; education service delivery; grievance redress mechanism; day care center; legislation and regulation; social and environmental; improving service delivery; intangible cultural heritage; average annual rainfall; consumption of energy; construction of building; Construction Building; Risk Management Policies; take off; risk management instrument; gross domestic product; generation of waste; waste management plan; resilience of communities; collaboration with communities; risk management policy; community base; Welfare of Animals; potentials for community; youth unemployment rate; negative environmental impact; Education and Development; netherlands antillean guilder; rehabilitation of buildings; labor condition; stakeholder engagement; small grants; small Works; social distance; labor legislation; safety measure; implementing partner; social media; consultation process; rehabilitation activities; skill development; social care; emergency relief; community council; first year; thematic area; community workers; grant funding; afternoon school; dangerous work; weather data; organizational capacity; natural hazard; civil works; natural disaster; local partner; heritage activities; social setting; Mental health; press release; scenic value; national legislation; debris disposal; school facility; spatial planning; safe environment; labor affair; subsequent years; coastal lagoon; foreign affair; overseas territory; selection criterion; natural environment; atlantic ocean; environmental legislation; island territories; land area; success indicator; information channel; building repair; tropical depressions; climatic events; environmental criterion; atlantic hurricane; intense storms; principal risk; coastal area; storm surge; temperature range; independent country; daily average; resources management; Gender Equality; corrective measure; spoken language; monitoring compliance; low risk; precautionary measure; effective prevention; protective clothing; secure manner; Social Protection; workplace issue; safety instruction; protective equipment; support measure; other water; subject area; labor inspection; Resource Efficiency; government institution; information exchange; civil society; policy regard; national policy; environmental performance; health issue; stakeholder consultation; grant application; social performance; child labor; night work; financial requirement; children of ages; hazardous work; screening tool; field visits; formal approval; Natural Resources; Occupational Injuries; occupational injury; sustainable biodiversity; safety inspection; disaster awareness; minimum age; prevention measures; labor relation; stakeholder participation; social infrastructure; restrictive measures; vulnerable group; social screening; non-governmental organization; Youth organizations; application process; equal chance; awareness campaign; Public Services; citizen engagement; local situation; biodiversity impact; significant loss; social condition; tourist arrival; new constructions; tour operator; land acquisition; tourism sector; grant award; local presence; protection measure; affected communities; voluntary workers; unauthorized access; consultation meeting; annex annex; severe allergy; lung disease; respiratory disease; construction activities; informal channel; positive impact; local radio; social standard; consultation mechanism; field survey; focus group; community meetings; public hearing; no harm; community level; public consultation; largest groups; short term consultant; financial proposal; ecological value