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Draft Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA) - Yangtze River Protection and Ecological Restoration Program - P171644 (英语)


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    Wishart,Marcus J.

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    Program-for-Results Environmental and Social Systems Assessment

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    Draft Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA) - Yangtze River Protection and Ecological Restoration Program - P171644

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    degradation of critical natural habitats; National Development and Reform Commission; wastewater collection and treatment; environmental and social management; local environmental protection authority; Occupational health and safety; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; community health and safety; management of water supply; changes in land use; Not In My Backyard; five year plan; wastewater treatment facility; environment management; chemical fertilizer; emission control system; construction and operation; pollution control system; grievance redress mechanism; rural water supply; domestic waste collection; drinking water source; Solid Waste Management; solid waste treatment; ethnic minority area; wastewater treatment plant; control of pollution; law and regulation; significant adverse impact; use of force; traffic control system; global public good; local public good; international development institution; water resource problem; water pollution reduction; river basin management; environment protection plan; sustainable resource management; water pollution control; social management system; water and environmental; rural solid waste; existing legal framework; environmental management system; chemical oxygen demand; number of workers; access to land; risk to health; cultural heritage site; positive environmental effects; industrial waste management; industrial pollution sources; surface water body; discharge of pollutant; point source pollution; conveyance of water; data collection activity; livelihood of farmer; water quality monitoring; water supply network; construction of pipeline; amount of land; reduction of pollution; lake water quality; negative environmental impact; land use planning; risk of disturbance; industrial wastewater treatment; ecological protection; nature reserve; breeding farm; sewer network; pollution prevention; poultry manure; water environment; organic fertilizer; impact analysis; plastic waste; Natural Resources; ecological environment; government authority; integrate water; livestock waste; site selection; pollutant reduction; wastewater service; ecological flows; pollutant discharge; livestock farm; Management Systems; environmental risk; Water Allocation; local system; physical activity; expenditure framework; reputational risk; provincial authority; recycling facility; vulnerable group; information collection; rural affairs; involuntary resettlement; institutional risk; production facility; waste gases; water saving; core principle; conservation management; soil erosion; wild animal; local policy; manure management; technical standard; sewer line; transfer facility; construction activities; budget line; environmental benefit; participation activities; public consultation; physical work; customary use; cumulative impact; livestock manure; wastewater management; treatment system; conservation law; risk assessment; total nitrogen; total phosphorus; project finance; environmental factor; data system; geographic focus; utilization rate; secondary information; public hearing; permit system; mitigation measure; primary information; provincial plan; coverage rate; net effect; equal distribution; environmental area; socio-economic development; industrial cluster; manure application; aquaculture pond; conservation authority; conservation plan; black poplar; geographical region; individual activity; exclusion principle; environmental consideration; soil contamination; lake environment; downstream impact; workplace condition; personal safety; pollutant emission; reservoir water; state council; the administration; autonomous region; integrated management; forest park; bank management; building environment; soil quality; water replenishment; lake management; environmental pollution; monitoring plan; chemical pesticide; environmental facility; full disclosure; lake habitat; warning signs; land application; protection measure; environmental aspect; stakeholder analysis; inventory control; geographical scale