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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Gabon COVID-19 Additional Financing - P176464 (英语)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Africa West,

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    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Gabon COVID-19 Additional Financing - P176464

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; community health and safety; Occupational health and safety; Risks and Mitigation Measures; primary health care facilities; identification of target group; Environmental and Social Impact; use of child labor; distribution of health resources; sustainable management; remedial measure; code of conduct; international good practice; Social Risk Rating; health care facility; medical waste management; hazardous waste management; vulnerable social group; use of force; treatment of patient; in hazardous work; Gender-Based Violence; protection of workers; infection control precautions; categories of worker; access to vaccine; global supply chain; capacity building intervention; personal protective equipment; grievance redress mechanism; Health System Strengthening; inadequate waste management; public health awareness; availability of vaccine; community at large; distribution of vaccines; information and awareness; health facility; healthcare worker; vulnerable group; communication strategy; Social Conflict; laboratory personnel; financial intermediaries; environmental risk; biomedical waste; biosafety guidelines; Natural Resources; safe disposal; national system; medical center; security risk; health security; fire extinguisher; fire blanket; administration process; adequate supply; temperature measurement; labor issue; diagnostic testing; social tension; information campaign; institutional framework; community level; project intervention; management procedure; fire alarm; smoke detector; immune system; social media; project datum; laboratory worker; emergency response; multiple channels; interested stakeholders; general assessment; sexual harassment; risk assessment; vulnerable population; project risk; public space; hand hygiene; Data Protection; pandemic situation; mass media; medical facility; consultation process; land acquisition; land use; health needs; remote area; civil works; social audit; natural habitat; cultural site; stakeholder identification; grievance mechanism; project effectiveness; vaccination program; response plan; case detection; Cultural Heritage; cultural need; adequate consideration; laboratory equipment; diagnostic facility; audit commission; indigenous group; case confirmation; government plan; national territory; physical characteristic; financing instrument; disposal site; industry standard; military hospital; cold storage; community engagement; long-term impact; short-term risk; social commitment; binding constraint; lab testing; occupational risk; working condition; stakeholder engagement; Infectious Disease; preventive health; emergency preparedness