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Project Information Document - Sudan Education COVID19 Response - P174220 (英语)


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    Elseed,Omer Nasir

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    Project Information Document - Sudan Education COVID19 Response - P174220

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    Teachers; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; average for sub-saharan africa; financing need; sanitation needs; living in poverty; basic education level; school system; schools for girl; distance learning method; assignments for student; rates of unemployment; education for all; distance learning program; high pupil-teacher ratio; lack of liquidity; foreign exchange shortage; finance and economic; declining government revenues; participation of beneficiary; years of schooling; negative income shock; school-age population; distance learning material; water storage facility; provision of water; world health organization; social risk management; Investment Project Financing; domestic private sector; islamic development bank; water storage tank; provision water; complete primary education; average exchange rate; access to water; access to schooling; parallel exchange rate; risk of transmission; parallel exchange market; grade of student; community teacher; education budget; rapid assessment; economic crisis; government system; disadvantaged school; basic school; social distance; vulnerable child; program coordination; disadvantaged student; school grant; poor household; high inflation; early marriage; in school; human capital; education spending; preschool facility; intermediate indicator; institutional context; remedial action; sexual abuse; community awareness; external arrears; Child protection; school readiness; External Finance; student enrollment; emergency procedure; developmental impact; adolescent pregnancy; present value; emergency health; emergency response; geographical location; negative effect; education systems; global partnership; international partners; learning environment; public finance; food provision; learning opportunity; mitigation measure; overall budget; education cost; Solar Power; slow learning; health messages; global estimate; household income; sector budget; education institution; adolescent girl; human interaction; quality education; economic shock; lifelong learning; school administrator; inflation affect; recent progress; drop-out rate; higher inequality; school child; school-age child; primary level; public funding; school closure; education delivery; administrative staff; population increase; rising demand; Child Mortality; Maternal Mortality; youth literacy; program monitoring; sudanese pound; Program of Activities; strategic guidance; transition phase; transitional government; civilian rule; macroeconomic instability; parallel market; Exchange Rates; capacity assessment; third-party provider; newspaper column; project datum; learning process; hygiene message; Education Financing; radio channels; recovery program; policy requirement; capacity constraint; awareness campaign; project costing; precautionary measure; south sudan; official estimates; national radio; urbanized area; moderate poverty; social standard; radio instruction; economic sanction; radio program; air transport; international waterway; economic stagnation; basic food; oil sector; rising unemployment; long hour; government structure; commodity price; consumer price; fresh water; assessing student; technical expert; in detention; inflation rate; no access; emergency support; monetary measure; textbook preparation; death toll; oil product; new virus; cash withdrawal; emergency committee; federal level