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Revised Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Greening Land (P172992) (英语)


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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Revised Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Greening Land (P172992)

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    Environment and Social Management Plan; contaminated land; environmental and social assessments; Environmental and Social Impact; Climate Adaptation and Mitigation; public sector service delivery; community health and safety; preservation of natural resource; environmental and social management; aquatic flora and fauna; high levels of contamination; Policy and Institutional Framework; acid mine drainage; contaminated site management; international good practice; Solid Waste Management; renewable energy development; urban green space; renewable energy production; removal of waste; institutional capacity building; public awareness activity; climate change adaptation; regional waste management; land use restriction; exploration and mining; school going child; Grievance Redress Service; greenhouse gas emission; establishment and maintenance; awareness raising activity; public private partnership; revocation of license; public-private partnership; mean annual temperature; security of tenure; removal of soil; annual work plans; local government agency; land and water; waste disposal site; potential candidate; analysis of alternatives; carbon sequestration potential; municipal waste landfill; local air quality; machinery and equipment; best management practice; secure property right; human health risks; land administration system; change in technology; ambient air quality; cost of remediation; international financial institution; peer to peer; construction of bridges; grievance redress mechanism; private sector competitiveness; species of plant; reduction of pollution; land contamination; mitigation measure; Land Registry; national survey; stakeholder engagement; legal instrument; citizen engagement; risk assessment; construction site; stakeholder consultation; mine tailing; site owner; vehicle movement; soil pollution; mining area; contaminated soil; public consultation; impact area; site selection; address datum; public space; information gap; removed asbestos; old buildings; materials recovery; clean water; mediation process; project intervention; gaseous emission; enabling activities; land clearing; baseline conditions; investment planning; legal requirement; adverse risks; project risk; social issue; survey results; financial contribution; circular economy; monitoring arrangement; subsequent phase; water resource; land pollution; commercial development; community engagement; national environmental; legal framework; government support; geological map; environmental monitoring; treatment plant; construction phase; green area; land management; environment protection; associated health; social value; asbestos waste; dump site; special fund; clay content; water bodies; extreme heat; natural drainage; parking place; liquid waste; excessive precipitation; protective barrier; chemical safety; Waste Material; lessons learnt; regulatory initiative; transparent mechanism; site remediation; beneficial reuse; commercial operation; industrial facility; solar panel; hazardous chemical; chemical composition; Real estate; environment management; improper storage; other development; cement production; groundwater contamination; surface water; habitat loss; land acquisition; groundwater pollution; Land Ownership; sludge disposal; mine water; degraded areas; river flow; sound level; public road; construction activities; polluted water; permanent loss; vadose zone; regional groundwater; aquatic ecosystem; institutional management; unsafe working; water sampling; public park; groundwater monitoring; legal basis; technical appraisal; gasification plant; coal-fired power; reporting requirement; environmental screening; climate mitigation; plant species; religious objects; street light; consultation process; future study; Ownership Share Type; grievance mechanism; geographical data; research data; geological studies; Extractive Industry; law; environmental permit; monitoring mechanism; risk categorization; Program of Activities; national legislation