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Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - COVID-19 Crisis Emergency Social Safety Nets Project - P173984 (英语)


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    Blanco,Gaston Mariano

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - COVID-19 Crisis Emergency Social Safety Nets Project - P173984

  • 关键词

    Social Protection; Environmental and Social Review Summary; social safety net program; emergency social; community health and safety; social and economic assessment; conditional cash transfer program; social safety net system; Social Safety Nets; Indigenous Peoples; delivery of education; household survey analysis; peri urban area; construction of infrastructure; negative environmental impact; grievance redress mechanism; million people; population 65 years; social pension fund; access to protection; social commitment; visually impaired people; number of beneficiaries; income due; Social Risk Rating; personal protective equipment; access to information; diversity of culture; vulnerable household; pregnant woman; social distance; eligibility criterion; safe access; communication strategy; project effectiveness; environmental risk; financial intermediaries; land use; indigenous population; Cultural Heritage; specific issue; payment point; involuntary resettlement; child labor; Natural Resources; mass media; beneficiary group; community outreach; vulnerable sector; telephone line; institutional framework; elderly population; project risk; distribution center; Health Workers; contract worker; financial entity; communication plan; project execution; social accountability; project costing; land acquisition; working condition; household labor; informal sector; product market; cash collection; geographical area; indigenous group; general assessment; public meeting; service contract; social analysis; financing instrument; government entity; indigenous organization; education center; indigenous community; indigenous communities; important share; stakeholder engagement; poverty risk; recipient household; project datum; income quintile; indirect beneficiary; commercial institution; coverage rate; situation analysis; private payment; transfer fee; payment system; informal worker; negative externality; in school; strategic information; cultural adaptation; ethnic background; school dropout; indigenous student; forced labor; population group; Child Health; military force; indigenous minorities; vulnerable group; social inclusion; income loss; household level; employment profile