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Yemen - Electricity Distribution Loss Reduction Carbon Finance Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 3) : Environmental impact assessment (阿拉伯语)

The objective of the Electricity Distribution Loss Reduction Carbon Finance Project for Yemen is to improve the efficiency and quality of electricity supply through the Bank financing of critical investments for the supply and installation of a 160 ton per hour boiler at existing Al-Hiswah steam power station in Aden, de-bottlenecking of the transmission system, loss reduction programs, and strengthening of the distribution systems among other rural energy access. Negative measures include: impacts on soil, water quality, air pollution, waste management, noise pollution, and impacts on flora and fauna. Mitigation measures include: a) construction camp will be located away from the immediate vicinity of the construction sites; b) protective gears such as ear plugs etc. will be provided to construction personnel exposed to high noise levels as preventive measure; c) adequate dust suppression measures such as regular water sprinkling on haul and unpaved roads particularly near habitation will be undertaken to control fugitive dust; d) stringent construction material handling and overhauling procedures will be followed; and e) proper sanitation facilities will be provided to the construction personnel to prevent water and sanitation related health problems.


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    Environmental impact assessment

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