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Appraisal Program Information Document (PID) - Comoros Emergency DPO for Covid-19 response - P174260 (英语)


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    Diaz Sanchez,Jose Luis

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    Appraisal Program Information Document (PID) - Comoros Emergency DPO for Covid-19 response - P174260

  • 关键词

    social safety net program; medical waste management plan; poverty and social impact; medical equipment and supplies; economic recovery; positive impact; macroeconomic policy framework; cash transfer program; medical supply; Natural Resources; food product; Public Administration Reform; customs clearance process; food supply chain; access to mobile; payment of wage; types of wastes; financing instrument; improving business environment; policy and institution; restructuring process; prudent fiscal management; trade development; capacity for implementation; export earning; vulnerable household; external financing; relief measure; remittance inflow; export earnings; response measure; support measure; emergency financing; money transfer; Macroeconomic Management; crisis support; Social Protection; emergency response; negative effect; resilient recovery; emergency operation; poor household; disaster recovery; productive asset; project datum; lack of assistance; medical need; Financial Stability; draft law; governance reform; Electronic Payment; beneficiary household; Cash flow; mobile payments; legal framework; medical product; mobile money; fiscal space; high unemployment; infectious waste; labor earning; job destruction; household income; real gdp; external balance; fiscal revenue; public expenditure; natural disaster; medical materials; financial inclusion; fiduciary risk; immediate relief; government's policy; macro risk; debt sustainability; government's capacity; cross-border trade; fund investment; long-term strategy; government's vision; food need; agricultural sector; budget law; budget credibility; fiscal policy; Fiscal policies; rural area; monetary agreement; donor assistance; political stability; commerce sector; Financial Sector