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Malaysia - Coconut Smallholders Development Project (英语)

The Coconut Smallholders Development Project area of 61,200 acres will consist of rehabilitation of 44,200 acres and replanting of 17,000 acres of coconut; the rehabilitated coconut will be intercropped with about 22,000 acres of cocoa, 8,500 acres of coffee, 3,700 acres of pasture, and other crops. The project will also provide 6,400 crossbred dairy heifers and 280 feeder animals for the establishment of about 3,340 integrated dairy and beef operations under coconut. In order to achieve the major objective of on-farm development and alleviation of poverty among coconut smallholders, the project will also strengthen supporting services and facilities and will include: (a) training of farmers in modern techniques for processing of copra, cocoa, and coffee; (b) animal husbandry and animal health training for farmers; (c) coconut seed gardens and nurseries for the production of planting materials; (d) milk collection centers for collection and marketing of fresh milk; (e) fellowships to upgrade Agriculture and Veterinary Department staff; and (f) consultants to advise and assist project staff.