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Congo, Democratic Republic of - Country Partnership Framework for the Period FY22-26 (英语)


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    Country Partnership Framework

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    Congo, Democratic Republic of - Country Partnership Framework for the Period FY22-26

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    multilateral investment guarantee agency; Completion and Learning Review; national railway; Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations; million people; General Inspectorate of Finance; small and medium size enterprise; information and communication technology; Fragility, Conflict, and Violence; conflict and violence; Natural Resources; multilateral debt relief initiative; national water utility; private investment in water; loss of purchasing power; social safety net system; access to quality primary; results-based financing; balance of payment data; Exposure to External Shocks; extractive industry transparency initiative; low levels of debt; poverty and climate change; national institute of statistic; real gross domestic product; renewable source of energy; high poverty rate; heavily indebted poor country; free primary education; increase in inequality; Macro Poverty Outlook; risk of violence; low population density; international poverty line; high population growth; domestic revenue mobilization; Ebola virus disease; current account balance; in poverty; drug for treatment; commodity price movements; major trading partners; low life expectancy; access to land; total public debt; number of refugees; national electricity company; security management; Internally Displaced People; cause of conflict; primarily due; risk of conflict; enormous hydropower potential; domestic debt market; risk of debt; natural resource base; domestic resource mobilization; accumulation of arrears; expenditure health; Access to Electricity; natural resource sector; free primary schooling; social contract; external public debt; per capita income; fast population growth; Natural Resource Wealth; current account deficit; service delivery system; population growth rate; approach to stabilization; civil society actor; direct financial support; road maintenance fund; behavior change interventions; Rule of Law; national statistical; rural access road; implementation of operations; national poverty rate; Internally Displaced Person; renewable water resource; climate-related shock; high population density; access to water; basic water supply; grievance redress mechanism; second chance education; political instability; Social Protection; corrective action; improved service delivery; public sector corruption; children per woman; Private Sector Growth; governance and institutions; history of conflict; freedom of speech; investment operation; civil society movement; social protection sector; significant adverse impact; social and environmental; implementation of reform; human capital; freshwater resource; monetary poverty; Conflict Prevention; governance reform; energy infrastructure