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Official Documents- Grant Agreement for GRFF Grant TF0B5836 (英语)


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    赠款 或信托基金协议

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    Africa East,

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  • 文件名称

    Official Documents- Grant Agreement for GRFF Grant TF0B5836

  • 关键词

    monitoring and evaluation capacity; community health and safety; purposes of section; financing facility; global risk; Agriculture; minister in charge; agricultural extension service; new market opportunity; amount of fund; provincial project implementation; conditional cash transfer; business development service; types of expenditure; Program of Activities; agriculture sector; smallholder farmer; train activity; selection criterion; market access; eligibility criterion; environmental matters; matching grant; analytical study; farmer income; calendar year; preventive measure; technical committee; affected communities; Financing plans; social impact; grievance mechanism; Consulting services; plant health; supply chain; input supply; seed production; Procurement Framework; baseline study; conflict analysis; emergency response; project execution; geographic area; civil society; governmental action; procurement regulation; stakeholder engagement; financing agreement; national committee; local population; social identity; financial intermediaries; procurement arrangement; evaluation procedure; model form; rural area; agriculture extension; subsistence allowance; involuntary resettlement; cash payment; social commitment; strategic guidance; working condition; Resource Efficiency; pollution prevention; land acquisition; land use; Natural Resources; Indigenous Peoples; Cultural Heritage; payment obligation; Capital Investments; working capital; long-term financing; safety measure; contingent financing; entrepreneurial training; georeferenced data; digital technology; business sector; agricultural input; registration service; agricultural product; manure application; conservation agriculture; on-farm irrigation; condition precedent; Public Services; meteorological statistics; technology support