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India - Second Technician Education Project (英语)

The goal of this project is to support the national policy on education. The main objectives include: capacity expansion which would be achieved by expanding and diversifying programs in about 240 new and existing institutions, so that they can undertake with flexibility, courses in new and emerging technologies, conventional and advanced technician engineering, and continuing education diploma courses. Special attention will also be given to expanding and improving training opportunities for women, rural populations and the informal sector by establishing new women's residential polytechnics, upgrading coeducational polytechnics to create more opportunities for women, and expanding the number of community polytechnics. Quality improvement will be achieved through modernizing the equipment and facilities of polytechnics, expanding and improving the quality of training of polytechnic teachers and undertaking curriculum development activities. Efficiency improvement will result from strengthening state directorates and boards of technical education, granting academic autonomy to selected polytechnics, undertaking industry-institute interaction programs in each polytechnic, encouraging internal revenue generation in polytechnics and establishing equipment and facility maintenance systems.