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Institutional assessment of the Central Statistics Organization (英语)

Afghanistan has achieved substantial development progress since 2001, but faces important upcoming challenges. Government efforts supported by aid inflows have fueled rapid economic growth, expanded the quality of and access to basic social services, and improved the capacity of public sector institutions. However, deterioration in the security situation following the security transition in 2014 combined with declining international assistance pose formidable challenges for Afghanistan to manage its economy and deliver public services. The availability of high quality, reliable economic, socio-economic, and demographic statistics is vital if appropriate policy responses to these challenges are to be identified and implemented.


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    Institutional assessment of the Central Statistics Organization

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    Poverty and Equity; donor support; economic statistic; Demographic and Household Survey; institutional assessment; united nations population fund; producer price index; information and communication technology; data collection and analysis; budget execution rate; social statistics; field operations; administrative datum; quality of data; household survey system; international partners; organizational structure; secondary data; basic social service; public sector institution; public sector statistic; capacity building plan; population statistic; learning by doing; gross domestic product; wages and salary; private sector business; lack of ownership; access to infrastructure; labor market outcome; transfer of knowledge; balance of payment; sources of assistance; availability of data; source of financing; technical assistance program; impact of development; level of capacity; human resource capability; population growth rate; data on poverty; development partner; statistical system; data center; survey methodology; swot analysis