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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Resilience, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Improvement Project - P175820 (英语)


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    Saint-Geours,Jean Edouard Albert

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Resilience, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Improvement Project - P175820

  • 关键词

    Environmental and Social Review Summary; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; people development plan; health and safety risk; use of child labor; economic self-reliance; Risks and Mitigation Measures; sustainable management; community health and safety; water supply system; amount of land; solid waste generation; land use change; income-generating activity; income generating activity; health and nutrition; appropriate mitigation measures; vulnerable rural household; construction and rehabilitation; Social Risk Rating; poor rural community; institutional capacity assessment; capacity building support; people development framework; inclusion of women; emissions to air; Cash Transfer; labor influx; Cultural Heritage; community level; community institution; rural entrepreneurship; community latrine; land acquisition; water tank; Water Distillation; desalination plants; rural livelihood; village levels; marginalized communities; protected area; indigenous people; cultural tradition; Indigenous Peoples; land purchase; environmental risk; organic fertilizer; forested areas; indigenous community; indigenous communities; social group; cottage industry; Fish Farm; community mobilization; financial intermediaries; rural area; indirect impact; inherent risk; financing community; cluster level; construction activities; soil contamination; Natural Resources; awareness raising; equally benefit; noise pollution; climate resilience; land cover; borrower's commitment; water purification; manufacturing enterprise; construction phase; technical back stopping; civil works; construction waste; noise level; liquid waste; Environmental Assessment; vulnerable people; positive impact; beneficial impact; general assessment; marginalized group; legal measure; project operation; public consultation; terrestrial biodiversity; water pollution; environmental component; building construction; agricultural production; chemical fertilizer; feed storage; field staff; natural habitat; screening procedure; rural landscape; infrastructure work; livelihood opportunity; skill development; physical characteristic; land owner; coverage area; beneficiary household; livelihood support; project datum; project risk; project costing; in work; standard practice; management procedure; tribal community; economic recovery; livelihood improvement; tribal population; vulnerable communities; savings group; construction material; nutritional support; sexual harassment; dust pollution; pollution issues; creating markets; institution building; target beneficiary; indigenous population; eligible beneficiary; as beneficiary; safety measure