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Project Information Document (PID) - Support to Tertiary Education Project - P175694 (英语)

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    Project Information Document (PID) - Support to Tertiary Education Project - P175694

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    capacity-building activity; Environmental and Social Safeguard; public tertiary education system; Occupational health and safety; public tertiary education institution; quality assurance and accreditation; Environmental and Social Impact; labor force participation rate; Labor Market; tertiary education sector; years of schooling; international good practice; quality and relevance; institutional framework; negative environmental impact; Social Risk Rating; high youth unemployment; enhancement of management; gross enrollment rate; quality assurance mechanism; level of private; adverse social impact; access to training; private sector partner; youth unemployment rate; senior education specialist; limited job opportunities; centers of excellence; Equity in Education; opportunities for youth; wages and salary; cycle of violence; graduates with skill; high unemployment rate; Internally Displaced Person; competitive funds; recent years; public university; tracking system; digital skills; initial screening; university student; tertiary graduate; project plan; Higher Education; academic staff; Distance Learning; digital technology; individual level; the administration; development partner; health measures; incentive mechanism; Indigenous Peoples; social distance; social responsibility; business community; objective process; Natural Resources; social media; market needs; career service; local employer; Cultural Heritage; online training; land use; research need; university system; improving management; international university; results framework; fiduciary assessment; partnership framework; potential indicators; intermediate outcome; social standard; graduate employment; practical training; technical department; skill gap; skills programs; international partnership; research excellence; female student; oil price; social unrest; income bracket; investment rate; communication plan; fiscal position; geopolitical risks; Climate Risk; domestic security; political instability; grievance mechanism; project costing; environmental challenge; new university; working condition; modest increase; education outcome; productive workforce; land acquisition; vulnerable group; poor community; financial intermediaries; civil works; financial crisis; job opportunity; economic crisis; safeguard policy; graduate unemployment; socioeconomic development; subject knowledge; physical work; increased demand; teaching staff; project datum; university graduate; global trend; Safeguard Policies; public expenditure; project financing; future worker; public budget; overall enrollment; advanced knowledge; environmental issue; environmental risk