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In Turkey - New Jobs for a new economy (土耳其语)

This Results Profile tells us about new jobs in new economy of Turkey. The number of unemployed young people in Turkey stood at about 18 percent, above the world average. Unemployment can mean lower lifetime earnings and increased physical and mental illness in later life. It also reduces productivity and economic growth, and it can lead to increased social unrest and even violence and crime. Turkey's national job agency training program, called ISKUR, supported by the World Bank, offers training classes in 500 professions from hair styling to computers, child care to ship building. One of the most lucrative is underwater construction, sinking pilings for bridges and other projects. Every one of the students who practiced their craft under ISKUR has had a job waiting. The students felt optimistic about the job market. About a quarter of million people go through ISKUR's training program every year. About 60 percent get hired as permanent employees. The ISKUR students have been trained to make metal caps to put on high voltage power lines. They work with computer programs and high technical machinery which helps them to have hands-on experience. ISKUR officials hoped that, if the assessment proved their training helps people get jobs, the government will expand it.