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Impacts of COVID-19 and Recovery in Georgia : Georgia High Frequency Survey (GHFS) - Main Findings Round 5 (英语)

Some of the findings of round 5 of the Georgia High Frequency Survey (GHFS) include the following: new questions on childcare, gender disparities in childcare and other household tasks, children missing school, and inflation; the ongoing war in Ukraine further impacts the Georgian economy; Funding for round 5 of the survey and beyond has been provided by Sweden through the Trust Fund funding the program for poverty reduction in Georgia; COVID-19 prevalence significantly increased between June 2021 and March 2022, likely stemming from the omicron wave of infection which took place in January and February of 2022; The vast majority of the public reports increases in prices in recent times on food and non-alcoholic beverages, transport and fuel, utilities and housing, and healthcare; and Aside from grocery shopping, more women than men report that they are primarily responsible for carrying out household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of children and elderly.