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Iran Economic Monitor, Spring 2022 : Managing Economic Uncertainties - With a Special Focus : Preparing for an Uncertain Water Future (英语)

This Iran Economic Monitor (IEM) provides an update on key economic developments and policies as of Spring 2022. Iran’s economy continued its gradual recovery in 2021-2022 following the rebound in domestic and external demand. Despite a more accommodative fiscal policy in 2021-2022, higher oil and tax revenues have improved the fiscal deficit-to-GDP ratio. GDP growth is projected to remain modest in the medium term, as the economy remains constrained by both global and domestic gr owth bottlenecks. A more favorable global oil market outlook is projected to improve Iran’s fiscal and external balances. Iran’s economic outlook is subject to significant risks. Consumer price inflation accelerated due to a combination of supply-push and demandpull factors, adding to pressures on the welfare of lower-income households. Addressing long-term development challenges, including impending climate change shocks, requires a comprehensive package of economic reforms complemented by adequate social protection measures.