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The Multi-Partner Fund - Project Briefs : July - December 2021 (英语)

The Multi-Partner Fund (MPF) for Somalia has been the primary source of financing for the World Bank Group’s (WBG) early reengagement in Somalia after more than two decades of disengagement. The MPF was established in 2013, and since then has supported the process for normalizing Somalia’s relations with international financial institutions (IFIs), while building and strengthening core government systems at both federal and state level. This portfolio financed eleven projects. Of these, six are recipient-executed investment projects and five are analytical/advisory activities. The multi-partner fund (MPF) provides financing worth 364.3 million. The portfolio is co-financed with IDA resources. It represents the largest portfolio within the MPF; many of the projects are closely interlinked. The MPF built the platform for a key scale up of our portfolio in human development, approving for health, education, Baxnaano platform, and for combating the impact of the locust crisis. Under the country partnership framework, the WBG is strengthening ongoing governance programs with a new focus on fiscal space and improving access to and the quality of key social services and resilience. This portfolio aligns with CPF focus area 1 : strengthening institutions to deliver services.